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9:30 am – 9:30 pm

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Fort Road Bingo is an excellent venue to play bingo for everyone in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Bring your friends and family, play, socialize and know who of you will be lucky to collect the coveted Bingo and hit the pot.

About Fort Road Bingo Association 

Every day from 9:00 am Fort Road Bingo opens its doors to Edmonton players. There are both paper and digital bingo in the venue. For digital video lottery enthusiasts, Fort Road provides 178 different Geckos.

Players are offered 2 events during the day, as well as weekly and monthly Fort Road specials. By the way, all special game cards cost $1.00. Check the current schedule out to know when regular games are 1/2 price. Select a day, come and play!

If you have already decided on the day and have gathered with a big company, contact the bingo centre and book your place in advance. At Fort Road companies of 8 people and more can reserve their places. In total, Fort Road features about 700 places for visitors.

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In addition to big pots and amazing special events, Fort Road in Edmonton offers the best snacks and beverages in the city. You can have a snack between games and then continue your entertainment.


Frequently Asked Question

Who Can Play Bingo?

Everyone over the age of 18 can enjoy the entertainment at Fort Road. Please note that children under this age cannot be allowed in the hall.

What Time Does Afternoon Bingo Start?

The Early bird game starts at 12:00 pm, and regular games begin at 12:50 pm.

Do They Play Night Bingo At Fort Road?

Yes, Evening Event starts at 6:00 pm. They play Bonus Bonanza and regular games. Last games start at 8:05 pm with progressive entertainment.

What Are The Pots At Fort Road?

Pots are updated every day. Check out Fort Road’s website or contact the venue to know today’s pots.