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Alberta Casinos COVID Restrictions

Thanks to implementing public health measures, the number of COVID-19 patients decreased. For that reason, all COVID restrictions have been lifted in the province since June 2022, which means that casinos are available to visitors as before. Although they no longer ask for proof of vaccination, it will be very prudent if you get vaccinated. Read more about Alberta casino COVID rules below.

COVID-19 Status in Alberta

COVID-19 has brought many changes to our daily lives. Certain restrictions were imposed on the territory of Canada to protect the population. Many establishments, including casinos in Alberta and other provinces, were closed until the epidemiological situation improved.

In 2021, the government began a phased reopening plan, which provided that many establishments would gradually return to work by lifting COVID restrictions. Thus, by June 2022, the last restrictions were removed in all provinces of Canada.

Alberta’s previously closed venues have reopened and today operate without capacity limits. You no longer need to provide a vaccination certificate to visit a casino. The masking requirements have also become optional. And most importantly – restaurants, bars, event centers, spas, and pools work at full capacity to make your rest more convenient!

However, to protect yourself and others, the authorities recommend getting vaccinated. Minister of Health Jason Copping said that COVID-19 is still present, so to keep Albertans safe, the government will provide necessary vaccines, antivirals, and rapid tests.

Even though Alberta casino COVID restrictions have been lifted, establishments are working hard to keep the environment safe. Disinfecting tables, doorknobs, and other surfaces is an important step in preventing the spread of various diseases, including COVID-19.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Casinos Open In Alberta?

Yes! Finally, all gambling establishments have reopened and now work at full capacity. Hotels, restaurants, and other amenities are also available in Alberta. Check the menu, schedule, and opening hours before visiting.

Do Alberta Casinos Require Proof Of Vaccination?

No. You don’t need proof of vaccination to enter the casino. But it is still one of the most powerful ways to prevent yourself and cut the spread of the virus to others.

How Do Casinos Prevent the Spread Of COVID-19?

Alberta casinos are equipped with hand sanitizers, and staff provides regular cleaning. Also, even though mandatory isolation was lifted, it is still recommended to stay home for those who have COVID symptoms or test positive.

Are There Hand Sanitizers In the Venues?

Yes. Since the health of guests and staff is a crucial point, there are hand sanitizing stations in venues. Moreover, to keep a safe and clean environment, casinos pay even more attention to cleaning surfaces.